Сертификат соответствия органа сертификации систем качества при Институте испытаний и сертификации


Precision potentiometers

The main product produced by ZAO «IPC «Aerogard» are wear-resistant modernized precision multi-turn feedback potentiometers for parts and products of military purpose PPML(F)-IM..


Since 2013 ZAO «IPC «Aerogard» conducts experimental development in mastering of following:

- product «Engine torque contactless» designed for use in automatic control systems as a servomotor;

- product «Contact sine-cosine transformer», designed for use in the transport scheme of the steering angle remote transmission as СКТ-225-1Д (SKT-225-1D) и СКТ-225-1Д8 (SKT-225-1D8) and for use as reciever СКТ-225-1П (SKT-225-1P) in aircraft systems;

- product «Electromechanism МТ16Е8/МТ16Е8А (MT16E8/MT16E8A)», designed to move the transaction control object by signals from the onboard systems in the trim and automatic control modes.

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