ZAO «IPC «Aerogard» supplies components and materials for partners without advance payment from them. For this activity we attract money and financial possibilities of credit institutions as well as our own resources. We


Precision potentiometers

The main product produced by ZAO «IPC «Aerogard» are wear-resistant modernized precision multi-turn feedback potentiometers for parts and products of military purpose PPML(F)-IM..


Since 2013 ZAO «IPC «Aerogard» conducts experimental development in mastering of following:

- product «Engine torque contactless» designed for use in automatic control systems as a servomotor;

- product «Contact sine-cosine transformer», designed for use in the transport scheme of the steering angle remote transmission as СКТ-225-1Д (SKT-225-1D) и СКТ-225-1Д8 (SKT-225-1D8) and for use as reciever СКТ-225-1П (SKT-225-1P) in aircraft systems;

- product «Electromechanism МТ16Е8/МТ16Е8А (MT16E8/MT16E8A)», designed to move the transaction control object by signals from the onboard systems in the trim and automatic control modes.

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