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Non-contact torque motor

АО «IPC «Aerogard» developed and mastered the production of «Non-contact torque motor» (type DBM), designed to work in automatic control systems as an executive motor.

Designed motor made ​​by technical specifications (AURG521573.001 TU) with forced stator cooling function .


 Main parameters for DBM-U-40-0,04-5-3 AURG521573.001 TU:
 The amplitude value of the rated supply voltage  27±6V
 Angular shift between stator winding phases (120± 3)º
 The maximum static timing torque of the motor at a rated supply voltage of 27 V must be at least 0,04N·m
 Consumption current, no more than  4,4A
 Idle rotation speed, not less than  4500 rpm
 Аmplitude of EMF induced in stator phase windings, not less than  14 V
 Number of pairs of rotor poles  4
 DC resistance of windings  4,9-5,9ohms
 Electrical insulation strength at a frequency of 50 Hz, not less than  500 V
 Insulation resistance under normal climatic conditions, at least  20Megohms
 Increased operating temperature  +85ºC
 Temperature range  -60…+85ºC
 Engine operating time in compliance with technical requirements, not less than  20000 Hrs
 Service life  18 years
 Max weight  0,12 kg
Schematic diagram of a three-phase electric motor DBM-U-40-0,04-5-3
Table 1 – Color coding of motor outputs
№ of output Phase Output color coding
1 Phase A - start Purple
2 Phase B - start Green
3 Phase C - start Blue
4 Phase A - end Red
5 Phase B - end Yellow
6 Phase C - end Gray
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