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Precision potentiometers

АО «IPC «Aerogard» developed and mastered the production of wear-resistant modernized precision multi-turn feedback potentiometers for parts and products of military purpose PPML(F)-IM.

Designed potentiometers made ​​by own specifications (AURG434176.001 TU).

Potentiometers are produced in two variants design (a method of mounting potentiometer for panel - walnut or clamp).

PPMLmini PPMLmini

 Main parameters for PPML(F)-IM AURG434176.001 TU:
 Durability  1 200 000 axis rotations
 Admission to the operating angle  ± 3 deg
 Dielectric strength  2000 V
 The change of impedance  0,5%
 Rated dissipation power  1 W
 Insulation resistance  1000 Megohms
 Increased operating temperature  +90ºC
 Temperature range  -60….+100ºC
 Service life  15 years
 Operation angle  7 200º
 Breakaway torque  2 mN/m(20 gf-cen)
 Max weight  40 gram
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