ZAO «IPC «Aerogard»   Performs work in the interests of the Federal and commercial programs and has the focus on recovery and development of purchased integrated parts for Russian enterprises. Long experience of the

Since 2013 ZAO «IPC «Aerogard» conducts experimental development in mastering of following:

- product «Engine torque contactless» designed for use in automatic control systems as a servomotor;

- product «Contact sine-cosine transformer», designed for use in the transport scheme of the steering angle remote transmission as СКТ-225-1Д (SKT-225-1D) и СКТ-225-1Д8 (SKT-225-1D8) and for use as reciever СКТ-225-1П (SKT-225-1P) in aircraft systems;

- product «Electromechanism МТ16Е8/МТ16Е8А (MT16E8/MT16E8A)», designed to move the transaction control object by signals from the onboard systems in the trim and automatic control modes.

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