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AO «IPC «Aerogard»


Performs work in the interests of the Federal and commercial programs and has the focus on recovery and development of purchased integrated parts for Russian enterprises. Long experience of the organization's activities in this area and long-term cooperation with enterprises makes ZAO «IPC «Aerogard» one of the leading companies in this market segment.

AO «IPC «Aerogard» implemented the Quality Management System that passed requirements of the Federal Certification System for Space Technology and "Military register" Defense Ministry certification authorities.


Our activities:

- Organization of production of new materials, components, and investment activity in innovative projects in this area.

- Provision of military-industrial complex, space-rocket and aircraft industry sectors the following products:

  • Sensors, sensor's transducer equipment, including ones for special purposes.
  • Semiconductor devices, electronic radio components (capacitors, resistors, diodes, zener diodes, transistors, integrated circuits, electronic modules, magnets etc);
  • Electrical insulating materials (ftoroplast (PTFE), thermazote (PCB), сaprolon (VNM), geax (SRB paper laminate) and others);
  • Other materials and products.

AO «IPC «Aerogard» is a partner for 87 enterprises of the Russian Federation and CIS countries.


Our Services

AO «IPC «Aerogard» supplies components and materials for partners without advance payment from them. For this activity we attract money and financial possibilities of credit institutions as well as our own resources.

We are developing appropriate schemes and their implementation mechanisms for these tasks, that allows our partners to perform any complexity projects with best speed and maximum efficiency, also optimizing your current assets, production and personnel potential.

AO «IPC «Aerogard» are ready to consider offers on works related to the supply of products for the design, manufacture, testing, operation, repair, service maintenance of military and space technology, and also for carrying out of scientific-research and experimental-design works in this field.

At the moment AO «IPC «Aerogard» engaged and ready to render assistance in development and restoration projects of the parts and mechanisms production, which production process is directly connected with "winding".

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